Simple weight loss. Feel totally in control around food.

Do you want to stop dieting, and permanently lose 5 to 50 pounds?

Are you sick of eating “perfectly” all day and then overdoing it at night?

Do you want to feel totally in control around food, and stop emotional eating?

Are you tired of wasting food in your fridge, money on expensive supplements, or your whole weekend making complicated, 20-ingredient recipes?

Do you know you’re not living to your fullest potential, because you’re not feeling confident or have low self esteem?


The simple system to lose weight permanently and
finally feel in control around food.

Here’s what to look forward to:

1. Permanently Lose 5-50 Pounds

Whether you want to lose weight for your wedding, lose the baby weight, or the pesky menopause weight, this is the program for you.

2. Feel Totally in Control Around Food

I’ll teach you how to stop emotional, stress, and boredom eating. We enjoy all foods, no food is “forbidden” or “not allowed”. Learn your body’s hunger & fullness cues so you can enjoy all food situations.

3. Have Simple, Tasty, Wholesome Recipes

Meal plans are completely customizable based on your calorie needs (which we’ll calculate together), lifestyle, and taste preferences. The inexpensive recipes are based in whole, real foods. No supplements, powders, or bars needed.

4. Feel Absolutely Confident

Finally enjoy your life. We’ll develop effortless, life-long habits that work for your lifestyle.

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Hi! I’m Dr. Rachel Paul, PhD RD

and I can’t wait to help you achieve your goals and never worry about weight loss again.

I absolutely understand what you’re going through as I went through a 10+ year struggle with my own weight and confidence.

In order to empower other women, I immersed myself in nutrition science. I’m a Registered Dietitian, I have a PhD in Nutrition & Behavior Change from Columbia University, and I’m a Certified Weight Coach with The Life Coach School.

When we’re not obsessed with food, our lives open up to so many new opportunities. Let’s create the life of your dreams.

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& more incredible Best Body women!

I hit my goal weight today!! 150 pounds down from 172. The left is the weekend I decided to start losing weight and the right is yesterday trying on wedding dresses.

This program hasn’t felt like a diet at all. This program is amazing.

Almost 30 pounds down from starting Best Body!!!

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Don’t wait to change your life.

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Become the best version of yourself.

Lose Weight for the Last Time

Permanent results, no more yo-yo dieting. What can you achieve in your life when you’re not constantly worrying about your weight, or how you look in pictures? Let me tell you, the opportunities are endless.

Complete Mindset Mastery

Feel totally in control around food, no more emotional, stress, or boredom eating.

No More Food Stress

Have go-to simple, tasty, inexpensive, nourishing, FILLING meals. Never stress about what to make for dinner again.

A New, Confident Identity

You won’t have to worry about “staying consistent” again, because you’ve absorbed new habits into your life.

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